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Journal of Political Affairs 2019

Editorial Note

We are very proud to present the 2019 edition of the Journal of Political Affairs.

It has been a challenging but rewarding endeavour, as this was our first time overseeing such a project. We were blessed to have an incredibly talented and dedicated team to support us throughout the process, who we wish to warmly thank for their tireless work, flexibility, and positive energy. Our time with this team has been one of the most positive experience at Concordia; together, we managed to create a brand new platform for the Journal and build a solid foundation to ensure its continuation in upcoming years. 


The most important thing to us was to create a space where Concordia University students could publish work they are passionate about. A space for students, by students. The Journal of Political Affairs is not an ordinary journal, as it truly represents the raw talent and interests of the undergraduate student body of Concordia. Through these selected essays, these students have explored various political science fields and analyzed important issues of our time, from Canada to Libya to the Marshall Islands, through public policy, international relations, and many more lenses. We are also proud to have a French article, and we hope to have many more French submissions in the upcoming editions, as bilingualism is an important value for the Journal. Finally, we want to thank our amazing authors for their precious collaboration throughout the entire process. We are proud to have had the chance to publish your work, and we look forward to seeing many of you continue your journey in academia.


We hope you will enjoy the 2019 edition of the Journal of Political Affairs!

Annelies Coessens & Camille Ross-Williams

Editors In Chief


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