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Journal of Political Affairs 2020

Editorial Note

The academic year 2020 began at a disadvantage.

COVID-19 took the globe by rage, affecting us all with an overwhelming feeling of distortion. 

This year edition tackles subjects of injustice, political failures, rooted issues in the Canadian constitution affecting Canada’s Indigenous population, and much more. Canada is our country, and as an academic journal at Concordia University, we understand that it is crucial to shed light on our government’s inequalities and inactions. That is why we bring subjects of healthcare, detention centers and the vital role of interest groups to the 2020 Edition. 


As we write, we came to realize that the themes tackled in this issue are felt in the streets of the United States, Canada and the world. As you read through the pages, remember that injustice and conflict coming to light once again also brings the chance for education and change. It is the hard conversations that are worth it.


In An Essay Examining Plato Regimes in The Republic, the author shows political systems for their weakness and their strength that crystallized the fragility in our democracies. The world and Canada seem to be at a turning point with brittle systems holding on by a thread. It is fundamental to remember and use political science to build a better now and a better future.


We want to thank our team of editors who worked hard to complete this issue and the authors for publishing with us.


Proudly presenting the 2020 Edition of the Journal of Political Affairs,


Sarah Bahsali & Camille Ross-Williams

Editors In Chief


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