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Canada: A Nation of Hidden Detention

Throughout the past few years, the international community has been both captivated and horrified by the overzealous, and inhumane, detention of immigrants by the United States of America. Protests, national condemnations, and media scrutiny has plagued the White House since the news has reached the mass audience. Despite similar unjust legislation and unfounded usage of detention centres, Canada’s immigrant detaining practices has flown under the radar. Tucked behind a benevolent facade and a slurry of internal investigations, Canada continues to hold immigrants without dictated time limits and within a confusing multi-layered system. This paper explores the foundational workings of immigrant quarantine and seeks to highlight the unjust practices of Canada — a nation of hidden detention.

Written by Vivi To 

Vivi To currently serves as Internal Director of Concordia Global Affairs Association and sits on its board of directors, working to connect students with opportunities to expand their expertise of international social relations, transnational legislation and diplomacy. Currently completing her BA in political sciences and études françaises, her academic research centres around human rights, non-governmental organizations, social justice and Canadian law. Outside of academia, Vivi enjoys advocacy (particularly pertaining to mental health and women’s rights), spoken word and graphic design.

Edited by Chloe Hughes-Légaré & Stella Forbes

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