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Social Movements: The Invaluable Workings of Interest Groups in Canada

The author’s research was prompted by her interest in examining the influence of contemporary social movements and interest groups on the government, and their role vis-à-vis Canadian public policy. The text explores lobbying, the power of social media technologies as tools to raise awareness, and the invaluable workings of Indigenous groups, sexual minorities, and animal rights organizations in the context of Canadian democracy. In an attempt to assess the need for legislative reform, focus areas include regulation, inclusivity, accessibility, and federal and provincial jurisdictions.

Nektaria Hatzichristos is a twenty-three year old, full-time and graduating Political Science major. Prior academic achievements of hers include graduating Beaconsfield High School with Honours, and being awarded a Peace Studies Certification from John Abbott College to accompany her DEC in Social Sciences. Among her wide array of research interests: Classical political theory, international political economy, feminist studies, the geopolitics of Europe, and Canadian public policy. 

Written by Nektaria Hatzichristos

Edited by Camille Ross-Williams & Hannah Rogers

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